Freddie Sjögren

UX-designer / intern

The digital world has created a parallel world alongside our physical. It is a shared reality that is not as obvious to everyone. How can we live with one foot in both worlds? During my internship here at Mustasch, I hope to learn and help make this transition easier. Because I believe that we can reduce a lot of frustration when we put the user in focus when developing new products and services. By being curious and unpretentious, we move the boundaries of what we previously thought was impossible!

I thrive when I am surrounded by people who want to develop both themselves and others. In a team of individuals who realize that we are stronger, faster and better together. A team that collaborates with each other and the client, who are open to ideas and suggestions. Who are not afraid to fail early because the lessons learned in the process are the guarantee that we end up right in the final delivery. Which the end-user is not only happy with – but loves!

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Freddie Sjögren