21 May, 2018

Meet our new Strategic Project Manager & Planner: Emma

Give a warm welcome to Emma!

”Östgöte” by heart, but a true Stockholmer for the last 20 years. Emma will be wearing two hats at Mustasch, both as a Project Manager and as a Planner. We’ve never had the luxury of having a Planner on staff, so we’ll let Emma tell you a little bit what it’s all about:

– Planning is all about customer insights – to get the full picture from the customer’s perspective. My role as a planner is to find the insights which will ignite the creative process. To understand what challenges the brand is facing, in order to develop solutions to spark results. I question most things to find answers. It’s all about courage and confidence from the client, as well as the consumers, to find the real truth.

Read more about Emma here