Our privacy policy

On this page you can take part of Mustasch’s privacy policy and in-depth information concerning what kind of information we store, why we do it and when it will be deleted.

The personal data responsibility

We store personal information with the purpose of keeping ongoing contact and sharing information and material with you as a client, as a partner or supplier. The purpose is that we should be able to provide you with the best service and experience as possible. We are well aware that your personal data should only be used for this purpose. It is our responsibility to delete your information when the purpose is no longer relevant or if you inform us that you no longer wish to have your personal information stored with us.

We follow GDPR, which means that your personal information is processed in accordance with Swedish and European legislation. This means that we do not store more personal data than we need, for a longer time than needed.

Cookies on our website

When you visit our website, cookies can be stored on your computer. Cookies are information that makes it easier for a website to recognize you if you visit it several times. Cookies we receive from our site are used solely to measure statistics of recurrent or new visitors as well as geographical origin. We cannot see who the person visiting our site is. If you do not want to allow the storage of cookies on your computer, you can simply turn off that function in your browser’s settings.

Contact information via our website and e-mail

In the cases when we use contact forms on our website, where you as a user can fill out your personal data, the data will be used for the sole purpose of contacting you, unless something else is specified. If you afterward become a client, co-worker, partner or supplier we will store your personal data to use it for its purpose. If not, your information will be deleted.

If you submit an application for a possible role of employment, internship or freelance with us we will receive and evaluate it. Even if you do not receive a positive message at the time of application, we will gladly keep your contact information for a 5-year period, considering future job positions, internships or freelance missions. If you do not wish that we keep your contact information for this purpose, please let us know and we will delete the information. We will never share your information with a third party unless you have requested it yourself.

The reason we store data

Our job is to create marketing that give results. We do this best in ongoing dialogue with you, regardless of whether you are a customer, partner, supplier or wish to apply for a job with us. Having your contact information is crucial to be successful at this. As a natural part of providing quality, service and creating a good result in a marketing effort, it may be that you and someone else in our network need to get in touch. When that happens, we ask both you and the other person for approval before we release any contact information. We will never share your information with anyone else in any context other than what we have agreed upon and it will never be sold to third parties.